Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thing #23

Wow, what a brain stuff! I don't think i've tried to learn so much in such a short period of time. My eyes will never be the same again, but this was worth it. I can't believe all the cool things that i've been missing out on. My students won't know what hit them by the time the year is over. I hae so many plans making blogs, webquests, wikis and podcasts. My off periods are going to be well used. The best thing is that all this will actually save me time in the end, and the kids will be so much more invloved in the learning process. One of my favorite creations was my Around the world in 30 clues game, i've included the link, it's so cool. If you want to play you can use Victoriadepoaola password toby. the site is http://depaola.21classes.c0m/ Thanks for setting up this incredible learning tool, i hope to convince the rest of the teachers to take chances and get messy as Ms. Frizzle would say!

Thing #21

I love making these movies!!!! It's rather addictive once you get started, and my daughters make them all the time for their projects at school. These are really easy to make, it takes more time to play with them till they're just right then anything. I am hoping to get my students to make them this year, once again i will have to check and make sure that the computers have the programs. For some reason it wont upload my movie :( This is a drag-forgot to post this one, saved it as a draft, oops, because i was hoping the movie would work-but it never did.
I finally got it to work, Yeah!!!

Thing #22

So now there's Ning, it's getting a little confusing about all the different places now. I think that ning might be where i would set up a site for my administrators to chat with each other. There is a need for the principals to be able to talk without the lag of email. Most administrators don't have time to email and they get so many they get lost. With a ning site i could see a way for them to be able to avoid the massive amount of mail and be able to communicate real time.

Thing #20

Found some cool clips on You tube, i love the bolde @the library and the cookie monster clip. these could be cool to use when creating a presentation about the library. Then you could create your presentation tour and place it on youtube. For some reason i could not get teachertube to come up, i'll have to try again later. I liked Blinx, it had a larger collection of stuff. Word to the wise, make sure you preview everything before you show it!

Thing # 19

This is so unfair, just imagine all the time i would have saved if i had discovered Wufoo earlier! This is the coolest resource, it creates forms for you with just a few clicks. I used it to create the forms we have our new teachers fill out. I can't count all the times that i needs a form, but didn't save, or whatever and had to start over. This is great because it is web-based and once again always there. I'm not going to need to do the contiuuous check retype thing with the members in my group since we can edit it online before we print. I love technology!

Thing #18

Just when i thought it couldnt get better, it did. I have had so many computer crashes or lost flash drives that this is a godsend. I tried out Google doc and it is great. It's easy to use, and very flexible. But better than that, as long as the computer has access to the internet i can reach my documents anytime. Which means i don't have to make 5 copies of a presentation, i can just log in and go!! This has got to be one of my favorite things!

Thing # 17

Rollyo is pretty neat, i created one that deals with new teacher resources and ideas. This will be a really good way for people to create a specfic place to look for information but still make sure the sites are varied. I could see this as being useful for teachers that have specific websites they want students to use, they can create a searchroll and then the students can look at all the sites at one time.